Historical heritage of the city




Tver Imperial Palace with a picture gallery, built with the generosity of Catherine II, so that the royal people could stop there traveling from St. Petersburg to Moscow.


The Old Volga Bridge is a symbol of the city and the best place for photo shoots.


Church “White Trinity”, which has preserved antiquities and church utensils since the XVI century.


Monuments to the famous writers: A.S. Pushkin, I.A. Krylov and M.E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, Afanasy Nikitin, a famous Russian traveler and the author of the book “The Journey of Three Seas.”


Memory Island with Obelisk of Victory, the Church of Mikhail Tverskoy.


Monument to the heavenly patron of the city – the holy and blessed prince Mikhail Tversky on Sovetskaya Square. Together with the Postal House (now the house of science and technology) and the House of Drinks (now the Regional House of Folk Art), the front entrance to the city, the beginning of the “three-beames”, is designed.


“Tver Arbat” – Tryokhsvyatskaya Street with souvenir shops, a monument to Lemeshev.


The Manor of the Arefiev merchants (Museum of Tver life) in the left-bank part of the city where Peter I was pleased to “eat and sleep”, with permanent exhibitions “Visiting Tver merchants”, “Russian samovars”, an interactive excursion-ceremony “Russian tea-grinking”.


The ensemble of the Fountain Square, now – Lenin Square, one of the three central squares, located on the axis of the main street of Tver, as an example of the town-planning art of the early classicism of the architects Nikitin and Kazakov, preserved its appearance from the XVIII century.