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The city of Tver is rightly called one of the oldest Russian cities. The first written source, in which the “guest of Tver” is mentioned, is the Charter Charter of the Novgorod prince Vsevolod for the church of St. John on Opoka – a tax document dating from 1135. This date is now considered the official beginning of the city’s history. In the first third of the 12th century, a fortress appeared at the mouth of the Tvertsa River, which became the prototype of Tver. In 1246 Tver became the capital of the Tver principality. By the end of the 13th – beginning of the 14th century, it was already a large handicraft and trade center. Especially quickly the city began to develop in the late nineteenth century: manufactories were built, new factories opened. For the last centuries the ancient city has turned into an organic ensemble of architecture of different centuries and styles. High church bell-towers here adjoin with buildings of the middle of XX century, and ancient merchant houses – with modern.



Location: 172 km from Moscow and 540 km from St. Petersburg

Coordinates: 56 ° 51’28 “s. w. 35 ° 55’18 “in. e.

All times are UTC

Phone code: 4822

Area: 152 km2

Population: 420 thousand people.



The climate is temperate continental: the average February temperature is 7.6 ° C, July +18.7 ° C, the average annual rainfall is 653 mm. Tver has a mild climate, with a mildly cool and fairly long winter and a cool, humid summer. Comfortable warm period – from May to September.


The city of Tver is divided into 4 districts:

The central district covers the central part of the city, including the historical center and the adjacent territories;

Zavolzhsky district covers the entire left-bank (zavolzhskaya) part of the city, bordering other parts of the city along the Volga channel;

The Moscow area covers the eastern part of the city, oriented towards Moscow along the Moscow Highway;

The proletarian district covers the western part of the city; the name of the district, most likely, is connected with the factory “Proletarka”.

Within the administrative-territorial structure, Tver is a city of regional significance. In the framework of local government, the city is a municipal formation of the city of Tver with the status of the city district. The city’s districts are not municipal entities.



In the event of an unforeseen situation, the following phones may be required:

rescue service – 01 or 8 (4822) 34-30-94

to call rescuers on the cellular – 112

police – 02 or 8 (4822) 42-23-10

first aid – 03

paid services of the ambulance – 8 (4822) 42-28-37

Emergency Gas Service – 04 or 8 (4822) 56-33-34