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Tver gingerbreads

Tver gingerbreads have long been a traditional treat and enjoyed popularity not only in Tver, but also in Europe. They could be of very different shapes and sizes, differing from others by their exquisite taste and absolute whiteness. A beautiful patterned gingerbread was obtained from a baker thanks to a skillfully carved out of wood special form. To make the ornament on the finished product convex, it was cut out on the boards in-depth. Painted complex gingerbread patterns by icon painters, after which the skillful master was accepted for the work. Two-headed eagles, terema, huge sterlets and sturgeons, horses, birds, flowers and trees of unusual shape, birds of Syrina, swans and horsemen were on the finished boards carved by the carver’s hands. The favorite gingerbread story was the image of fish and “sterlet wheel.” Even more loved the use of products depicting the military. Basically, it was a general in a cocked hat, with epaulettes and magnificent plumes, with “bent pretzel” hands and riding a horse. The chest of a brave warrior was decorated with crosses and stars.

In the XIX century Tver gingerbread were known to the whole world. Honey, mint, with almonds and candied fruits. Wedding and casual. Recipes of gingerbread were kept secret in special chests and were handed down by inheritance. It was not possible to reveal the secret of the ingredients of gingerbread. Now the legendary recipes of the Tver gingerbread are recreated-the favorite delicacy of the twentieth-century Tver. Legendary Tver gingerbread can be bought in hotels and shops of the city.


Traditional folk toy made of wood is attractive with the simplicity of plastic and the sunny color of the painting, they conjure images of childhood, invisibly connect us with Slavic roots that go back to antiquity. The Tverskaya wooden toy, manufactured by Tverskiye Souvenirs LLC (http://suveniry-tver.ru), is made only from trees of hardwood grown in ecologically clean areas. All technological operations are performed by highly skilled craftsmen. Souvenirs offered to your attention are exclusively handmade work, executed by our artists in an individual author’s manner, with burning and painting. No product is repeated, each has its own individuality. All products have utility and household purpose, painted with polycarbon and acrylic paints – environmentally friendly, resistant to external conditions, bright and saturated. All products are certified, approved by the Art Council of Russia and are attributed to the products of folk art crafts that perfectly reflect the soul of the Russian people, its culture and essence. Many products made by Tver artists decorate and take their rightful place in the collections of museums and individuals around the world. So do not be surprised to find a familiar and recognizable image somewhere in France, Italy, Germany or Cuba. Traditional folk toy made of wood is attractive with the simplicity of plastic and the sunny color of the painting, they conjure images of childhood, invisibly connect us with Slavic roots that go back to antiquity.


The company “Marmalade Fairy Tale” (http://marmeladiki.com)

offers all comers a handmade marmalade, the method of making which goes into the deep past. Thanks to the manual labor of marmalade, you can make any shape and shape – at times, it’s a pity to eat, so everything is beautiful and extraordinary. Numerous awards and diplomas testify to the quality of the products. In 2013, the company was awarded the honorary diploma of the winner of the All-Russian competition “One hundred best enterprises and organizations of Russia 2013”, in 2014, awarded the certificate of the title of “Company No. 1 in the field of industry and production organizations”, two Gold Marks “All-Russian mark (third millennium) . Quality mark of the XXI century “, diplomas” One hundred best goods of Russia “were also received and an international award” GOLDEN ESTABLISHMENT “was awarded. Currently, the company offers marmalade with a variety of stunning flavors and flavors, various and interesting forms: marmalade with nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, kumquat), and also with cranberries, raspberries, blueberries. There is an unusual mint flavor, strawberry with cream and caramel. All products are delivered colorfully decorated in art boxes, single packaging. A delicious souvenir that will please you and your loved ones!

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Булочная на Новоторжской, ул. Новоторжская, 19

Дом хлеба, ул. Трехсвятская, 35а

Тверия, ул. Трехсвятская, 19, ТЦ Сретенка, 1 этаж

Сувенирные киоски, бульвар Радищева

Тверские сувениры, ул. Трехсвятская, 12б