Сity transport


In the city of Tver, there are three types of municipal public transport, which will allow you to easily move around the city. The management of the city transport system is carried out by municipal unitary enterprise “Tver municipal passenger road transport enterprise No. 1”.

The tram line passes through the central streets of the city.

The bus network consists of 12 lines.

The network of trolleybuses is made up of 5 lines.


City transport works every day. The timetable can be found on the official website.


Ticket for one trip: 20₽ – usual single ticket for an adult, 18₽ – one-time ticket with the possibility of one free transfer by an electronic map “Ivolga”.


(4822) 52-79-00



In the city of Tver there is a convenient mobile service “Yandex. Transport “, which allows you to track the movement of municipal transport in real time. Just install the application on your mobile device and plan your trips around the city with convenience.




If you plan a long stay in the city, you can purchase a single ticket that operates on all types of municipal transport. Validity period – 1 month. You can buy a single ticket at the offices of the Russian Post or at the “TverSoyuzpechat” kiosks.


A single ticket for three types of transport – 1 150₽.

The ticket for two types of transport is 950₽.

A ticket for one type of transport is 750₽.



Now in Tver there is a system of electronic tickets for travel in any municipal transport on any route. The electronic ticket “Ivolga” allows one free transfer within 45 minutes after registration of the trip (validation) to another route in any municipal vehicle except for the route where the first trip was made. You can buy the card either in the transport itself from the conductor or driver, at the TverSoyuzpechat stalls, at the post offices of Russia, and also through the official website.

Tariff “Transplant” – 18₽ for one trip with the possibility of free transfer to any type of municipal transport within 45 minutes. The “Ivolga” card can be replenished for any amount for payment at the “Transplant” tariff.

Subscription “Daytime” for three types of municipal transport without a limit of trips for one day (before 23:59) – 50 А.

Subscription “For 7 days” for three types of municipal transport without a limit of trips for 7 days – 300₽. Valid from the moment of registration of the first trip.

Subscription “For 30 days” without a limit of trips for a period of 30 days. The ticket can be valid from any day of the month from the specified date at the time of purchase. One type of transport – 750₽, two types of transport – 950₽, three types of transport – 1,150₽.

ATTENTION! The collateral value of the card is 100₽ with a possibility to return the deposit within 5 years.

 8 (4822) 47-62-77, +7 (910) 647-62-77.