Ten Reasons to Visit Tver



Admire the tourist pearl of the city of Tver – Tver Imperial Palace, which was visited by Catherine II, Alexander I, Alexander II, Nicholas II and other representatives of the Romanov dynasty. Touch the palace secrets, admire the moonlight paintings of Kuindzhi and the gold of autumn on the canvases of Levitan in the Tver Regional Art Gallery.


An early quiet morning walk along the main street of Tver – Sovetskaya, planned with the help of a unique town-planning technique – “three-beam symmetry”, which was used by architects in such cities as Versailles, Rome and St. Petersburg.


Take a stroll along the embankment of Stepan Razin along the “united facade” and admire the wonderful views that open up to the expanses of the Volga and the Cathedral of the Great Catherine.


Get into the rook of the great Tver merchant and traveler Athanasius Nikitin and admire the wonderful view of the Volga, the City Garden and the embankments of Tver.


Walk along the longest embankment of the city of Tver – the waterfront Afanasy Nikitin and admire the beauty and open spaces of the Volga from the observation platforms.


Sympathize with the mighty Atlanteans on Novotorzhskaya Street, walk along the pedestrian street Trekhsvyatskaya – “Tver Arbat”, try Tver gingerbread in historic bakeries.


Sit on a bench with Mikhail Krug on the boulevard Radishchev and listen to a concert of street bards.


Make a romantic boat trip along the great Russian river Volga.


Take a picture with the great Russian poet A.S. Pushkin in the City Garden on the background of the Old Volga Bridge.


See the night Tver from a bird’s-eye view, climbing up to the observation deck of the tallest building in the city, known as the “Wineglass”.