New Year holidays in Tver for children and adults

New Year holidays in Tver for children and adults

New Year holidays

We have collected for you the most up-to-date information about New Year’s and New Year’s events. All the fun for children and adults.

New Year holidays at the Museum and Exhibition Center. L. Chaykina | 3 – 6 January 2018

New Year’s Fairy Tale in the SEC “Rubin” | December 30, 2017 – 11:00

In the program of the game, dancing, competitions, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden and, of course, sweet gifts for all participants. We write down the number: +7 (4822) 53-34-43. Limited number of seats.

Horse-trick group “Alpha” invites you to a New Year’s interactive holiday based on the fairy tale “The Snow Queen” | 23, 24, December 30, 2017 and January 2, 3, 7, 2018

We will have a fun new year with fairy-tale heroes and our beloved pets! The main guests of the holiday – cheerful grandfather Frost and his granddaughter Snow Maiden with gifts!

We will: dance and have fun, play snowballs, dance around the Christmas tree, ride horses (on horseback or in sleighs). Book tickets in advance! This time the number of participants is limited, so that no one is frozen in the rental queue and photo. The ticket is complete (with a gift) for the child.

The cost before December 15 – 700 rubles. After – 1000 rubles.

It includes: a horse show, a treat for horses, a gift from Santa Claus, hire a horse – 1 round, a photo with artists and our pets on your camera. For children under 12 years inclusive, as well as for children with disabilities of any age – one adult can attend the event free of charge, as an accompanying person (without a gift and riding a horse).

Ticket for an adult (no gift). The cost before December 15 – 400 rubles. After – 600 rubles.

It includes: horse show, treat for horses, horse riding – 1 round, photos with artists and our pets on your camera. The cost of hire at the event on horseback and in a sleigh is 150 rubles / circle (for accompanying persons or additionally). Photo on your camera – for free.

For all questions: +7 (920) 698-31-80, +7 (915) 716-38-56, +7 (903) 807-34-12

For the first time in Tver, unique chamber Christmas trees in the style of Russian antiquity – “ethno-Christmas tree” and “vintage Christmas tree in the traditions of the 19th century” | December 26 – 30, 2017 and January 7-8, 2018

Your children are waiting for a warm atmospheric New Year holiday
✔ with ancient dances and games,
✔ live music,
✔ magic gifts,
✔fascinating master classes and
✔ handmade gifts,

a wonderful immersion in the happy age of carefree childhood!

Do you want that from the most tender age your child has absorbed the notion of how a warm New Year’s holiday can and should be? To feel what it’s like to be a hero, not a spectator of this fairy tale … in an amazing place … in this case, thematic Christmas trees from the Art-space “Theater Cellar” – will be an excellent choice for your family! Our Christmas trees are more like a family holiday in the spirit of Russian traditions, where everyone feels welcome. Therefore, the number of participants is strictly limited.

About tickets it is necessary to think in advance – in order to preserve the atmosphere of a warm family holiday, we invite a small number of children to our Christmas tree.

Each holiday is designed for 20-25 children, so that everyone has enough space, attention and miracles. You can gather your company and arrange a “Christmas tree” for friends.

You can buy a Christmas tree invitation after registration or by appointment by phone: 89301541669

New Year performances at the Puppet Theater | December 21, 2017 – January 8, 2018

Cash desk number +7 (4822) 58-32-30

Tver Regional House of Folk Art invites New Year’s program for the whole family with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden “Winter’s Tale” | December 16 – 24, 2017 and January 4-6, 2018

December 23-24 at 11:00 and 14:00 – the show “Cinderella” on December 16-17 and January 4, 5, 6 at 11:00 and at 14 : 00 – showing the cartoon “Cinderella” Tickets: 100 rubles

You are waiting for an unforgettable adventure with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, as well as with their friends, contests and dances at the Christmas tree, many pleasant surprises and good mood!

Tver, Sovetskaya, 42

Phone for information: 8 (4822) 35-75-34


RIO invites kids to children’s animation programs! Snow Maiden and Santa Claus, their merry friends are waiting for you in the central atrium at 16:00! Entrance – free for all comers! | December 23, 2017 – January 8, 2018

Schedule of events:

December 23 “Magic stories in the club Mickey and Mini”

A truly fabulous holiday! Two favorite Disney characters Mickey and Mini Mouse have prepared for the children a lot of magical games and tasks that are hidden in their box of stories. Everyone can look there.

December 24 “Santa Claus’s Gift Shop”

Santa Claus is waiting very much for the letters and gifts from the children! If you do not have time to write a letter, or maybe you want to send a card to Grandfather, hurry to us on December 24, because only on this day the chief assistant of the great wizard Snowman – the postalman opens a gift shop.

December 28 “Brazilian New Year”

We bring to your attention the Brazilian New Year. Only on December 28 we will return to summer, hot football, cacti and … .. Engry Birds? Yes! After all, in the SEC RIO New Year Brazilian amusement rides.

December 29 Snow quest “In search of the Spice”

The gnomes – Santa Claus’ helpers – have a stir, ginger spices have disappeared and their tracks are being taken to the RIO retail center. Everyone is waiting for sweet treats at the end of the holiday.

December 30 “New Year Patrol”

Animation program with the symbols of the coming new year by dogs from the “Puppy Patrol”. Rocky, Marshal and Skye are already waiting for the guys to not only play and dance paddle, but also to give diplomas of the main lifeguards of the new year to all the guys! December 31 16.00 “Firt of wishes” Meeting and photo session with the main wizard of the year and his granddaughter Snow Maiden, the magic lighting of the beautiful tree, the master class “Christmas tree wishes”.

January 2 “Time of Miracles”

New Year’s program with Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and Rose Barboskina This is the year of the most faithful, most patient and most cheerful friends – the year of dogs. On January 2, we invite all the guys to an incendiary, dancing and gaming party with Rosa Barboskina, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

January 4 “Mustachioed New Year”

The main strong men and barbel came to Rio and brought with them interesting tasks and tests. Participate in the games, gain as much as possible a mustache and receive gifts from the RIO RIO.

January 6 “Ball of the Kingdom of Belle” and a master class for the manufacture of carnival masks.

The Royal Palace sparkles with Christmas decorations and shines with a thousand lights. Our beautiful Princess Belle prepares for the Christmas ball and is ready to receive all the guests in luxurious festive dresses and bright New Year costumes! At the Christmas ball, everyone will be welcomed by dance master classes, a mask parade, a festive costumed procession from our dear guests. To guests in suits a special gift from the RIO.

January 8 Scientific show “Professor Snezhurkin”

For all fans of frost, snow and ice in the shopping center SHOW will show Professor Snezhurkin. He will teach children to freeze, make snow, make crazy soda and arrange an icy fog.